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Popular Manga

3Manga is already very popular all over the country not just among the kids but also young adults and even seniors. These are graphic novels that depict more and say less. The fact that makes them popular is the huge diversity of subjects and the characters inside these comic books of Japan. Unlike the comics of the west with superheroes and their epic battles with the super villains, readers find characters in these novels that they can relate with rather easily. If one talks about popular manga, the names of One Piece, Golgo 13, Dragon Ball, and Naruto come to the mind straight away. These are the comic books that are estimated to have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide.

Learn the titles of manga that have sold in millions
If you are a fan of these graphic novels emanating from Japan but do not want to fall in the trap of going through run of the mill comic books, you must do some homework to learn about popular manga. You can get the names of the most popular manga and shortlist ones that are according to your liking. This is a safe way of making sure that you read quality manga that has been liked by millions of people.