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Elo Hell Guide

5Elo hell is a term that refers to a player playing League of Legends and getting stuck in Bronze tier. Elo hell was used earlier but players still discuss ways to get out of this hell when they are actually referring to the bronze tier. It can be annoying and frustrating for a player to find himself stuck in Elo hell as he can be trolled on social networking sites. It is not surprising then to find thousands of players searching for that elusive Elo hell guide to get out of their hell inside the game. Now that hell is gone and you have to go through tiers like Bronze 2, bronze 1, silver 3, silver 2 and gold 1 etc, it pays to play a lot of games to improve your luck.

Play more often to improve your win percentage
Believe me, there is no such thing as Elo hell and all you have to do to move up the tier system is to somehow increase your Elo rating. If you play lots of games and improve your win/loss record or the ration, you will find the skipping the subdivisions inside the game to move tiers up has become relatively easier for you.