Pennsylvania Power: Power to You

5Consumer is the king literally if he lives in Pennsylvania. This is because it happens to be one of the few deregulated states in the country. If you do not understand, utilities are deregulated in the state and the consumer has the liberty to choose the service provider. He can switch to the energy supplier of his liking if he is not satisfied with one or the other aspect of service of the company that is looking after his energy requirements. If you feel that your friend pays less amount of money for his electricity and gas usage than you even though both of you consume roughly same number of units, you have the option to switch to the energy company of your choice. Just exercise your Pennsylvania Power to Switch and you can start to receive lower energy rates. Let us see how you can do it.


Your zip code is required to know the energy rates offered by retail companies operating in your area. Compare these rates with the rate you are being charged by your company. Now click on the company that is offering lower rates and it is also considered a reliable and reputable energy supplier.

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