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Looking to Sell HDB Flats? Here’s What To Watch Out For

1HDB flats are one of the hottest real estate markets in Singapore today. These flats are regulated by the Housing and Development Board of Singapore, which means that there are special conditions for sale and purchase of HDB flats. So when you’re looking to sell HDB flats, there are some conditions and factors that you have to stay aware of. These mainly have to do with the regulations that the Housing and Development Board puts on HDB flats in terms of the conditions that they have to be maintained in, as well as the regulated sale and purchase prices. The rents that one can get for an HDB flat area also strongly affected by the Housing and Development Board’s regulations.

The primary purpose of HDB flats is to give people access to affordable housing in the ever more crowded housing market of Singapore, so in order to maintain this and prevent the prices of HDB flats from rising too high, the Housing and Development board puts strict price caps and restrictions on the sale and renting of HDB flats. It is still very possible to make a profit in this thriving business, however.