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Xarelto Lawsuit: Time to Get Justice

10Xarelto is a drug made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Bayer across the country. It is a

blood thinner or a coagulant that is prescribed by the doctors to patients suffering from

cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. This drug, or more precisely the Xarelto lawsuit, has been

in the news lately. This lawsuit has been filed by more than 3000 individuals and families demanding

compensation for the loss of lives and untold miseries brought upon the users of this drug. What

happened in the cases of these users is that they suffered from internal injuries caused by regular

consumption of Xarelto. These injuries led to uncontrolled bleeding that could not be treated by

doctors as there is no known anti dote to this bleeding.

Many patients have lost their lives while several thousand have survived after suffering from this

horrific internal bleeding. Class act Xarelto lawsuit has been filed by the survivors and the family

members of the deceased against Bayer and Janssen demanding monetary compensation. The entire

turn of event has been reported in the press and electronic media generating outrage among the

common people. You can get all help and assistance from attorneys in getting compensation if you

have suffered from the side effects of Xarelto.