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Different Dentist But Same Dental Service

4I have been using the – Dentures Cost Guide near me for over forty years now. I am good friends with the dentist, who is also the owner. I had an early appointment this morning, and after the visit I left quite shocked. I got some news that I definitely was not expecting, as it came completely out of the blue. Having been cared for by the same dentist for all these years, he informed me that he had decided to retire. I suppose thinking about why he should retire is a bit selfish of me, as I retired two years ago.

He has served the local community well all of these years, and the dental service will remain active, as his daughter will be taking over. She is a lovely lady, and I have no problem with her, but as we get older we do tend to fear change more as we get so set in our ways. Still, I wished him all of the best for the future, and will likely still see him around town. Although I am not sure if he will remain living around here, or move off to some tropical island to live out his remaining days.